Male Escort Essex

Hi! My name’s James, Male Escort, Cuckold, Plus One & Masseur Essex, UK.

I offer a professional Male Escort, Erotic Massage & Cuckold Service for Men, Women & Couples throughout the whole of Essex including Brentwood, Romford, Colchester & Southend.

Are you ready to have your fantasies brought to life?

It’s a great feeling to know I’m putting a smile on my client’s faces. I love to make people feel great, so I always bring a genuine sense of enjoyment, fun and anticipation in meeting someone for the first time. I have a friendly and respectful demeanour and endeavour to make our time together amazing for you! I’m genuinely a very sexual person and really enjoy being an Escort. I relish the excitement of meeting a new client for the very first time!

So, wether you’re a woman, guy or a couple, if you’ve always had a need to do something a little different and fun but want to be sure it’s done in a respectful & discreet manner… Then you’ve come to the right place!

My main services include erotic massage for Men & Women, cuckolding for your girlfriend or wife, and first time with a guy. I’m also available for a boyfriend experience if you’re looking for some hassle free company on a night in or out, and I also offer a service for women who want to lose their virginity.

Contact me on 07749777741.  I’m always 100% Confidential.

Erotic Massage Essex

Sensual & Erotic Massage Essex

Why not enjoy a sensual & pleasurable erotic massage! From a gentle sensual body massage with oils to a body to body massage, or a full erotic massage… The choice is yours!

What is an Erotic Massage?

An erotic massage is like a pampering service for you and how you like to be aroused. I usually like to start with an slow relaxation massage with oils on your back, legs and arms and when / if you like me to massage you more intimately you just need to give me a signal.

You’ll be able to guide me according to your natural tendencies and likes. I’ll be able to pick up your body language and signals so you won’t need to blatantly spell anything out to me. I rely on keeping you happy so unless of course there is something specific you’d really like me to do I just follow your lead and please you as best I can!

Relax and enjoy the exhilarating power of an erotic massage from a discreet & respectful professional in your own home. I have scented oils and a massage table to bring with me, along with clean towels for the full treatment.

Some women ask me if their boyfriend or husband can watch… That’s perfectly fine also! 🙂 You also be interested in my Cuckold page. I am available for erotic massage sessions with men, women & couples & I can travel to you anywhere in Essex or London. I also offer a regular (non erotic) massage service in Essex.

Find out when I’m available or Call 07749777741 and ask for James

I am always 100& discreet, confidential and professional.

Erotic Massage Table Essex
Massage Table


Essex Cuckold

Do you want to cuckold with your girlfriend or wife? For some guys, a big turn on is the fantasy of watching their girlfriend or wife getting turned on or having  sex with another man. Cuckolding is the most erotic and kinky of the services I offer as an escort. It can bring couples closer together …

Period Sex

Alot of women are really turned on and horny when it’s their period. However, period sex can often be considered a time to not have sex due to “it being gross” or something similar. I find that the time of the month can really be the best time for having good sex. For a guy …

Price List

You can book me for any of the services you see on my website for the same price. I charge according to time. I’m based in Brentwood, so my pricing includes small journeys to you. For visits to Colchester or Southend areas, I may need to charge a little extra for travel.


  • 30 Minutes – £20
  • 1 Hour – £40
  • 1.5 Hours – £50
  • 2 Hours – £60


  • 30 Minutes – £30
  • 1 Hour – £60
  • 1.5 Hours – £90
  • 2 Hours – £120


  • 30 Minutes – £40
  • 1 Hour – £60
  • 1.5 Hours – £90
  • 2 Hours – £120

Holidays & Extended Stays

I can travel to you or with you on holiday abroad for extended periods to your destination of choice. Please contact me for a tailored quote!

Contact Me

Darren James Butler (James)

Email –

Telephone – 07749777741