When it comes to enjoying your time with a guy, there’s nothing better than being treated like you’re special!

I’ve been told by my clients that when they hire me as their escort, it is very empowering for them, partly because there is no other agenda apart from your enjoyment. But also there’s no worries that I’m going to disrupt your life in any way, and as you are paying me, you stay in complete control. I won’t lie or hurt you as you are simply paying me to do something which I love to do, which is to make women happy!

As a guy it’s really satisfying, for me to be there for you when you really need someone. I believe that wanting to support women with affection and attention and companionship is an intrinsic part of being a guy. Even if I’m in your life for a couple of hours every now and then, there will still be a real and genuine bond between us.

Im some ways hiring me as your escort is better than a having a regular relationship… There will be no “games”, which usually go on, no worry that I’ll leave you or that you can’t rely on me. When you hire me, it’s always on your terms with my full commitment to make you happy when you need me most.

Some women worry that I won’t find them attractive, for me the attractiveness and enjoyment is really comes within the respect & trust that’s built, regardless of your skin colour, size or shape! The fun and chemistry is always built on this. I enjoy the opportunity to give affection and TLC, which, if you book me, you will receive a lot of!

One of the best things I like when escorting, is seeing my clients worries, inhibitions disappearing as I build confidence you’ll see that I’m just a genuine guy who wants to make you feel amazing! Plus incase you’re wondering… There is nothing fake about our time together. When I make you feel amazing, I’m definitely going to feel great myself!

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