If you’re thinking of booking me, here are some of my FAQs. If theres a question you want answered that’s not here, you can contact me on 07749777741.


Q. Can I touch you during an erotic massage?

A. Yes, you can touch, no problem!

Q. Are we both naked during an erotic massage?

A. Yes we can be, it’s entirely your decision.

Q. Am I too young / old?

A. As long as you are over 18 yeas old thats fine

Q. I am Indian/Black/Chinese are you ok with this? 

A. Yes absolutely, I like all races.

Q. Can you remain clothed?

A. Yes if you’re very uncomfortable taking your clothes off its no problem at all!

Q. Can I visit you?

A. No I can only visit you or meet you at a hotel

Q. Do I do oral?

A. Yes – No problem at all!

Q. Can I stay the night?

A. Yes, sure. Just ask for a quote!