First time with a guy.

If it’s your first time with a guy, you maybe nervous, but soon after meeting me you’ll relax and feel comfortable. The first time is usually about trying things. Some guys want to just see if they like being with another guy, and some guys want to try something very specific, which is fine as well!

You may just want to try oral on the first time, or have a massage with a happy ending. A lot of guys just want to give pleasure, which is the main thing guys are generally really good at!

Dont Panic!

As you can tell this page is for straight guys just wanting some fun. Yep, I don’t think there’s anything “gay” about going with another guy. I love women, and the rapport I have with guys is “straight”, theres just sex involved. There’s no need for any identity crisis or major overhaul of yourself. We’ve just been brought up in a society which perpetuates illusionary & needless stigma & guilt.

I bring everything with me, massage oil, condoms, lube, so you just need to make a booking.

Just out of politeness please don’t send me dic pics. Just ask for what you’d like nicely without any seediness. Thank you.