A guaranteed time of fun & good company, without any of the usual hassle!

booking me for a boyfriend experience can be an ideal solution for either a lonely night…. maybe you’re recently divorced, separated or widowed and are feeling the sting of being on your own for the first time in a long while! Or maybe you just want a fun night with someone who’s good company and easy to get along with, and someone to have a few drinks with. It’s really about giving you a fun and enjoyable boyfriend experience without any of the usual hassle a boyfriend brings, just plenty of attention and fun!

You can also book me for a duvet day, only getting out of bed for food and to change the movie, or I can even cook you a nice evening meal followed by a relaxing night in. Or we can go out for the day together.

If you’re lonely…

There is nothing more soothing than feeling someone close who you can be affectionate & relaxed with. Physical affection & TLC comes very naturally to me, which is great if you’re the kind of girl who likes to be pampered.

When you’re waiting for Mr Right…

I’m guessing most women still believe Mr.Right still will come along, but usually, it tends to happen when you least expect it :/ So, what are you meant to do for intimacy and company until then? Just go without?!!

A lot of times women who are without a partner don’t have the time or energy to sift through dating websites to start dating, only to find out after a few weeks, that they’re just not right for you. Or nights out clubbing when the best you’ll get is usually a drunken snog or a grope.

With me you get all the benefits of being treated with the utmost consideration, respect, affection and attention, plus, when Mr Right does come along to sweep you off your feet, you know you can take that step without the fear of hurting anyone. I can be your temporary boyfriend until you’re found “The One”!

If you’ve recently split up with your boyfriend or husband, and your confidence is shaken, and you have no one for company. I’m here and ready to come & cheer you up! When you need some company, affection and attention, I can guarantee I’ll be the best boyfriend you’ve ever had. Plus I always aim to be affordable especially if you’d like to see me regularly!